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cheap coach outlet and waiting for space in the Temple of Space Laboratory on the 2nd rendezvous and docking . After 33 days of weightlessness, Beijing November 18, the successful completion of the mission of the Shenzhou 11 spacecraft from the Earth 393 km of space to return to Earth! Over the past month, people have been enthusiastic about the Shenzhou 11 spacecraft worthy of the many pioneering work, but which led to the most topics than the mid-orbit residence time - compared to Shenzhou 10, the medium-term The orbital residence time is doubled, from 15 days of God's ten to 30 days of God's eleven. Why is this data so important? Citing Fudan University professor of aerospace, Sun Gang, saying: 'Shenzhou 11 for the first time to provide astronauts in the spacecraft on the long-term survival of the system security, in order to further verify the ability of astronauts in orbit resident.' Popular point explanation, Mars Rescue 'movie, it's hard to cross the galaxy to Mars, but it's harder to survive on Mars coach bags outlet

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coach outlet store which is completely different from the Earth's natural environment. But this time not only recorded Jinghai Peng and Chen Dong important scientific research data, but also successfully planted the lettuce, feed the silkworm baby! This scene so that Xiaobian deeply felt the future of interstellar migration is not a dream ah! 'Mars Rescue' stills. Source: Hamilton and Hamilton Khaki deep submarine watch In the 'Mars rescue' God assists scientist Mark? Watney, Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong in the space travel 33 days to wear the full Fiyta watch also Contributed. Fiyta designed for the Shenzhou 11 spacecraft to create the watch. People have been closely watching the cause of China's space industry will find that, in fact, since 2003 (China's fifth manned mission), Fiyta began to provide Chinese astronauts professional chronograph. Perhaps very people will ask: Why do not put advanced high-tech equipment, mechanical watches to wear it? For example, on April 17, 1970, the Apollo 13 command module encountered coach purses outlet

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coach handbags outlet an accident in a space of 200,000 miles from Earth - one of the two oxygen tanks in its service module exploded In flight - Often said that time is life, in such a distant outer space is every second is about life. And ultimately help 'Apollo 13' commander Jim? Lowell, command module driver Jack? Swaggart and lunar module driver Fred? Hayes in 14 Seconds to calculate the engine ignition time, so that Spacecraft into the correct orbit to re-enter the Earth 's atmosphere is the spare time equipment - Omega Speedmaster watch. From the historical data, we can clearly see the' Apollo 13 'astronauts wear Omega Speedmaster watch. Coincidentally, in 1962, a companion Scott Carpenter boarded Aurora 7 (US 'Mercury Plan' second manned orbital flight) and successfully around the earth three times the Breitling aviation chronograph watch Navitimer, But also in the spacecraft was tightly wrapped ion Cloud, and Earth lost signal in 9 minutes, the Carpenter to provide computing assistance, until NASA once again coach factory outlet